FB-720/780/1020 Auto UV Screen Printing Production Line
Auto UV Screen Printing Production Line






Auto UV(Spot) Screen Printing Machine Production Line

The production line consists of FEIBAO Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Machine, 
UV Dryer, Automatic Stacker. Printing with ink on material is achieved at the printer part, then
Delivery Bridge serves as a transition between printer and dryer. Printed material will be
dried/UV coated at the dryer part with high temperature UV lamps. Afterwards, the printer
material will be well collected and stacked in the Automatic Delivery Machine without spare
staff to carry collection job.

Performance and Features

1. Automatic control, delivery and paper triming; easy installation, adjustment and operation;
2. Pneumatic paper triming to aviod breaking paper breaking and other printed material;
3. Platform high-and-low position security set to avoid damge to machine when platform position
    set malfuntion;
4. Adopting high-end core parts such as motor and monitor from Europe and Japan;
5. Printer can be smarted adjusted to take paper out easily without disassembly.