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FB-800SC/1020SC Auto Stop Cylinder Type
Auto Stop Cylinder Type






Auto Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Feibao Auto Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine is an upgraded version of Swing Cylinder
Screen Printing Machine.It adopts latest Stop-rotary printing technique, which greatly boosts
printing speed and printing precision.This machine is widely used for printing on various soft
materials, such as paper, cardboard, soft PCB, PVC and thin film especially coated with UV ink
for better  effect. We adopt cast frame, frequency convert motor, PLC, constant pressure
squeegee ect.

Performance and Features

1. Up to 30~40 um ink thickness, a strong stereo precise printing effects achieved
2. Centralized control, simpler operation and higher sensitivity
3. Margin dimensioní▄10mm to save equivalent expense
4. Pneumatic squeegee mechanism with constant pressure for higher precision
5. Dust & static eliminator optional for plastic substrates
6. Automatic central lubricating system
7. Independent output delivery for various drying systems